Paradox Interactive and developer Harebrained Schemes have announced their mech combat game Battletech will launch April 24 on PC and Mac. Check out the new cinematic story trailer above.

“The entire team at Harebrained Schemes has been eagerly awaiting the day we deliver Battletech to long time fans and introduce the joy of tactical ‘Mech combat and deadly interstellar politics to new ones,” said Jordan Weisman, CEO of Harebrained Schemes and creator the MechWarrior and Battletech universe. “We’re massively thankful to our Kickstarter backers and fans of the MechWarrior legacy. Without their patience, dedication and support, this modern turn-based Battletech wouldn’t soon be launching on PC and Mac.”

Battletech is based on the old miniatures tabletop wargame of the same name. It takes place in a future galaxy that that is slightly far away, and features a bunch of warring noble houses. Think Dune, but with mechs. The action-shooter series Mechwarrrior was also based on the same universe, but Battletech is more like the wargame, featuring tactical, turn-based combat akin to XCOM.

In this Battletech game you’ll play as a mercenary company who falls in line with a deposed ruler. Battletech features both a single player campaign and online multiplayer.

Harebrained Schemes is best known for reviving the Shadowrun license as a series of tactical RPGs. Both Shadowrun and Battletech were the results of several successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Battletech can be pre-ordered via Steam and Paradox’s website for $39.99. A Digital Deluxe Edition is available for $49.99, adding an artbook, wallpapers, and soundtrack.

Battletech launchs on PC April 24. It has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

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