Darling indie studio Chucklefish has announced a release date for their latest project, Wargroove. The Advance Wars-like turn-based tactical strategy game will launch on Feb. 1 on PC, Switch, and Xbox One. A PlayStation 4 version will soon follow. Watch the fancy new animated trailer, animated by British studio The Line.

Wargroove is a pixelated strategy game for up to four players through local and online co-op and competitive multiplayer. It also features a single player campaign mode that introduces the four warring factions: Cherrystone Kingdom, Heavensong Empire, Felheim Legion, and Floran Tribes. Over a dozen commanders are available to choose from, each with a unique ability.

Other gameplay modes include surviving a series of battles in Arcade mode or completing challenges within a single turn in Puzzle mode.

Map and campaign editors let you design your own battlefields and share them online.

Wargroove is heavily inspired by the Advance Wars series, which began with Advance Wars on the Game Boy Advance in 2o01. The series was developed by Intelligent Systems (of Fire Emblem fame) and published by Nintendo.

The Advance War series featured 16-bit, top-down battlefields, chess-like tactical strategy, and anime art style and writing. It was a critical and commercial success, spawning several handheld sequels. The last game, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, released over a decade ago on the Nintendo DS.

Chucklefish is best known for developing Starbound, and publishing Stardew Valley with ConcernedApe. In addition to Wargroove, they are currently developing Witchbrook, which has been described as Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter.

Wargroove is currently available to pre-purchase and pre-download on Switch.

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