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Miitomo: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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When I try to sum up Miitomo, Nintendo’s first-ever mobile app, the best way I can think to do it is The Sims meets OkCupid (for kids). You’re picking cute outfits and accessories for a digital version of yourself or someone else depending on your preference (as in The Sims) and answering all kinds of random personality questions to help other folks get to know you (just like dating site OkCupid).

In typical Nintendo form, some design features are bizarrely clunky, others are intuitive and clever. Let’s break it down. Read More

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Miitomo Is Out Now

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Are you ready to get talking with your friends virtually.. sort of? Then you’re in luck. Miitomo, the first mobile app from Nintendo is now available. Miitomo is a free to download and play. Despite being made by Nintendo, the app is not a game, but a social “experience” according to an official release. Read More