An investor presentation from Nintendo Japan sets a time frame for the arrival of Nintendo’s recently announced My Nintendo rewards program, as well as Miitomo, the company’s social mobile app. Both of these will launch some time in March. The presentation also noted the development of the NX, but said there was no plan to announce any details now.

My Nintendo is basically a replacement for the Club Nintendo program which was discontinued in June of last year. The major difference between the two is that Club Nintendo only offered rewards for game purchases. My Nintendo will offer rewards not only for game purchases, but for playing the games as well. Once you have enough points you can redeem them for various Nintendo products, both digital and physical.

Miitomo is Nintendo’s first foray into the world of mobile games or apps, as you might call this one. Miitomo is a social app that allows you to create personalized Miis based on the answers you give to a few questions. Then your Miis will go out into the world and talk to other Miis, then come back to you and tell you about the conversations they had. Nintendo has said the app is a tool for people who need a help in the social department to begin to have conversations with people. It’s kind of a like a digital version of Cyrano de Bergerac.

As always family safety is at the forefront of Nintendo’s plans, so users will only be able to chat with those who are already on their friends list. A specific date for the launch of these two products wasn’t given but we can expect to see both of them some time in March.

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