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Nicole, Linda, and Simone are joined by Braxton Burks, a video game music composer. (Yes, he’s that Braxton Burks, the one behind some very popular symphonic music based on tunes from Pokémon Red and Blue games.)  Plus we have gaming news, what we played, and a listener question. Listen up! (And send in those questions, listeners! We love you, and we love your questions!)

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The Tonight Show is going to have The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses!

Video Game Music Composition

Whether he was singing high school choir or geeking out with Garage Band, Braxton Burks was always interested in movie and video game soundtracks (like Nobuo Uematsu‘s music for the Final Fantasy games). Later, he decided to go to Cornish College of the Arts to learn all the underlying theory of musical composition.

Braxton is working on the music for a video game right now. It’s Bacon Man: An Adventure, a platforming game in which Bacon Man must solve a mystery and save his father’s reputation.

Braxton recommends Rock BandGuitar Hero, and rhythm games as gateways to get into playing musical instruments.

What We Played

Listener Question

Lovely fan Estevan Leon sent in a question:  “I wanted to know not necessarily what’s your favorite game, but what is your favorite go-to game? A game that maybe you played a lot five or 10 years ago, a game that today when you want a parenting break you just want to sit for 30 minutes to play, a game that you can see yourself still playing even 10 years from now? For me one of those is Resident Evil 5. I know that may not be on top of most gamers’ lists, but the reason that is one is because that is the first game I played with the wife. To this day her and I go a few rounds of Mercenaries—and kick butt at it!  Another is Ms. Pac-Man—its just a classic!” Good question. For Nicole, it’s…wait for it….Hearthstone. For Linda it’s Portal 2, because she can play the co-op mode with her son online, and for Simone it’s Assassin’s Creed Unity because she can go back into the game and just spend an hour solving a mystery or opening chests. Thanks again for the great question and kind words, Estevan!


This podcast was recorded in the studios of the Jack Straw Cultural Center in Seattle. The music is by Pat Goodwin at Novelty Shop CreativeNicole Tanner, Linda Breneman, Simone de Rochefort and Braxton Burks participated in this podcast. Thanks for listening and if you liked this episode, please rate us on iTunes and find us on BlogTalkRadio!


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