Bungie Partners with Direct Relief for Guardian’s Heart Fundraising Initiative

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Bungie, the makers of the Destiny series, have proven themselves one of the most philanthropic developers in the industry. It comes as no surprise that Bungie is launching a fundraiser amid the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“In response to these trying times, Bungie is excited to announce the Guardian’s Heart fundraising initiative,” states the press release. “In partnership with Direct Relief, and in collaboration with our community, we want to bring the full might of the Bungie community to support the healthcare workers and frontline responders who are confronting this global healthcare crisis. Guardians have proven to be a tremendous force for good in the world and your generosity in supporting others in the fight against COVID-19 is inspiring.”

Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization that supports people affected by poverty and disasters. During the pandemic, Direct Relief is working with healthcare industries to provide personal protective equipment like gloves and masks, as well as ventilators and other equipment needed during the crisis.

Donations through the Bungie partnership can be made via Tiltify. Donating at least $20 will award the Guardian’s Heart Emblem in Destiny 2. A redemption code will be emailed within a week of the donation, and can be redeemed at Bungie.net. One donation per email. Users can choose to donate more than $20, but will not receive any more emblems.

Destiny 2 is available as a free-to-play online game on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with optional paid expansion packs.

Bungie’s Guardians for Australia Shirt Benefits Wildfire Relief

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Catastrophic bush fires have been destroying large swaths of Australian bush, forest, and parks, decimating the ecology and wildlife, and killing over two dozen people, including firefighters. Bungie, the creators of the Destiny series, are doing their part to raise funds for Australia’s firefighting and wildlife relief efforts.

For a limited time, Bungie is selling a new T-shirt, Guardians for Australia ($24.99). All shirt sales will go to WIRES, Australia’s wildlife rescue organization, and NSW Rural Fire Service in New South Wales.

The large print shirt features a pair of spaceships flying over the Australian Outback, with a dark gray color. It’s available in women’s (slim) and unixex shapes and up to 2XL size. The shirt will take 4-6 weeks to ship.

Ordering the shirt also nets an exclusive in-game Destiny 2 Star Light, Star Bright emblem. You will receive a redemption code upon purchase, but you will need to pre-order the shirt before Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 9 pm Pacific/12 pm Eastern.

In the press release Bungie also thanked the Destiny FANZ community for recently raising over $21,000 AUD for the Australian Red Cross, more than doubling their original fundraising goal.

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Bungie and Activision Getting a Divorce, Bungie Keeping Destiny

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Bungie, best known for creating the Halo series and more recently the Destiny games, has announced they are splitting from parent company Activision after eight years. As part of the deal, Activision will transfer ownership rights of Destiny to Bungie, who will become an independent publisher.

“We have enjoyed a successful eight-year run and would like to thank Activision for their partnership on Destiny,” states the official update post. “Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce plans for Activision to transfer publishing rights for Destiny to Bungie. With our remarkable Destiny community, we are ready to publish on our own, while Activision will increase their focus on owned IP projects.”

Bungie has a history of independent development as well as partnerships with large corporations. After developing PC games in the 90s, Bungie was acquired by Microsoft in 1999 after showing its new first-person shooter, Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo became an Xbox exclusive and was instrumental in catapulting the new console’s success throughout the early 2000s.

In 2007 Bungie split from Microsoft, but Microsoft would retain the rights to the Halo franchise. Bungie continued to develop Halo games for Microsoft, releasing Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach.

Then in 2010 Bungie announced a 10-year publishing agreement with Activision, which included letting Bungie keep the intellectual property rights of any new games. The Destiny series was born from that agreement. “We had a vision for Destiny that we believed in, but to launch a game of that magnitude, we needed the support of an established publishing partner,” states the post.

Destiny and its sequel, Destiny 2, have enjoyed critical and commercial success, with numerous content updates and DLC over the years. Bungie promises to continue this trend as they resume life as an independent developer. “We’ll continue to deliver on the existing Destiny roadmap, and we’re looking forward to releasing more seasonal experiences in the coming months, as well as surprising our community with some exciting announcements about what lies beyond,” states the post. “We know self-publishing won’t be easy; there’s still much for us to learn as we grow as an independent, global studio, but we see unbounded opportunities and potential in Destiny.”