Just like some of the other multiplayer games out there, Destiny 2 also allows players to choose a class for their character. Each class is unique and has its own pros and cons attached to it. A lot of new players often get confused about which one to go with. They can decide which class is going to be the most fun to play with. To help you out, we are going to write down a guide through which you’ll be able to choose the best class for your character.

At the time of writing, there exist three different classes that you can choose from in Destiny 2. We have Titans who are extremely powerful, Hunters who can take down large groups of enemies quickly, and Warlocks who happen to be space wizards. Before choosing a class, it is important to first learn about it. Otherwise, you’ll regret your decision later on. Also, if you’re currently doing Raids, make sure to check out the Master VoW of the Disciple

Destiny 2 Classes 

The thing about Destiny 2 is that the classes offered are different from other games. All three classes can use every type of weapon. There is no limitation or restriction to this. The only thing which makes them different is their abilities. No matter which class you choose, you can access everything. There isn’t any weapon that the Titans can use and the Warlocks can’t. 


Every class in the game has a special grenade, melee, and an ability that is unique to them. These can be seen in the bottom left corner of the screen. The melee and grenades are different for the subclasses, while the abilities affect the class as a whole. For instance, Hunters can dodge out of the way of incoming fire, Titans can deploy a giant wall to protect themselves and their teammates from incoming attacks, and Warlocks can put down a rift that can either heal you or increase the amount of damage you deal. 

The Hunter Class

First, let’s take a look at the Hunter class. The Arc Striders subclass specializes in using a lightning-powered staff through which they can take down a large group of enemies quickly at close range. The staff can also be used to deflect enemy attacks and send them back to them to kill them. This is enough to tell that the Arc Striders subclass is meant for those who like to have an aggressive approach toward taking down their targets. 

If you’re someone who likes to perform ranged attacks, then the Gunslinger subclass can be a good option. You can use a flaming pistol to set everything ablaze or take down a group of enemies by raining flaming knives over them. This class is all about precision, as you’ll be using guns and throwing knives to eliminate your foes. But if you’re someone who likes to play the role of a support, then you might wanna go with the Nightstalker. This class can become invisible for a period, something that lets it sneak past enemies and attack them without them knowing. 

The Titan Class

Titans are the tank of Destiny 2. Their main job is to protect their teammates and keep all the attention to themselves. The body of the Tanks is their greatest weapon. Striker Titans can slam their fists on the ground to create an electric shockwave that targets multiple enemies at once. They can even their body into a missile and launch themselves into their targets to deal a massive amount of damage. 


Sunbreaker Titans, on the other hand, like to burn everything down. They can use their hammers made of fire to destroy everything in their path. And if the small hammers aren’t working, then they can pull out a giant hammer that can take down even the toughest of opponents. And if you want to become a walking shield, choose the Sentinal subclass. Sentinel Titans can use a shield of void light to protect themselves from incoming attacks. They can even create a protective bubble, which also defends them pretty well. And finally, we have Behemoth Titans, who are out of this world.

The Warlock Class

The third and final class that you can choose for your character in Destiny 2 is Warlock. Warlocks are space wizards, and there isn’t anything that they can’t do. Storm Callers can target their foes with lightning strikes, and they can take down large groups of enemies quickly. Dawn Blade, on the other hand, can fly around while wielding flaming swords through which they can deliver powerful attacks. 

Void Walkers are meant for those who like to play aggressively, as this Warlock subclass focus on destroying everything in their path. And finally, Shade Binders are capable of freezing their enemies. They can either do this by using their task or place a turret that does this job for them.

These were the three classes and their subclasses that you can choose in Destiny 2. As you can see for yourself, each class is different and offers unique abilities. You must choose the one which suits your playstyle. In any case, all three classes are pretty amazing, and they keep getting stronger as you level up.

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