Bungie, the developers of Destiny, are hosting a special live stream on their Twitch channel. The developers will play the semi-new Dares of Eternity to raise money for their charity, the Bungie Foundation as their finale to their Game2Give fundraising event.

The charity event stream will begin at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern, and features three Bungie developers: Nick Ardizzone, Kristina Sontag, and Clayton Kisko. They will randomly match with three players from the community to create the six-person team needed for Dares of Eternity.

The two-hour live stream will feature commentary by Bungie developer Liana Ruppert and Bungie Foundation’s Christine Edwards. Players, viewers, and donors can interact with the stream to win prizes from an old-school prize wheel. Prizes include headsets, Destiny-branded Nerf guns, and a tour of the new studio.

Players can earn in-game rewards by donating the following amounts:

  • $10 donation earns the Light Keepers emblem.
  • $20 donation earns the Arc Propellant emblem.
  • $35 donation earns the Hi-5 Heart Exotic emote.
  • $50+ donation earns the Altrus Pura Mk1 Exotic ship.
  • $100 donation pick a player to invert their controls for a match, with hilarious results.
  • $200 donation earns the opportunity to spin the giant wheel and receive whatever prize it lands on.
  • $1,000 donation receive a shout out in a future This Week at Bungie blog post on Bungie.net.

The Bungie Foundation helps fund global humanitarian aid, as well as delivering technology for children in hospitals.

The Bungie Foundation recently raised $120,000 to three different aid organizations currently helping in Ukraine: Direct Relief, International Rescue Committee, and Voices of Children Foundation.

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