The Epic Games Store is hosting a series of free games as part of the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale, beginning today with Destiny 2: Legacy Collection.

But wait, doesn’t the Epic Games Store always have a free game to download?

Well, yeah, but these are nicer, I guess? Anyway, free games!

Destiny 2: Legacy Collection includes the Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep expansions. All together, that’s three new campaigns, 37 exotic weapons, 15 pieces of armor, and the new Stasis ability.

The Legacy Collection requires Destiny 2 to play, which can be downloaded for free on the Epic Games Store.

Destiny 2 released in 2017 as a sequel to Bungie’s multiplayer RPG-shooter. It changed to a free-to-play model in 2019, which is also when Bungie acquired the publishing rights from Activision.

Bungie recently announced the finale to the first story arc for Destiny 2 in The Final Shape, which is launching next year. Afterward Destiny 2 will receive episodic updates in place of large seasons.

You don’t have to rush too quickly to claim the game — Destiny 2: Legacy Collection is available for free until December 20, at which point the next free game will unlock.

Of course Epic also wants you to stick around for the sale, which features some pretty solid deals, including recently releases such as Hogwats Legacy for $35.99, Remnant 2 for $29.99, and the award-winning Alan Wake 2 for $39.99.

The sale is even better once you apply the 33% coupon, which is only available during the Holiday sale. The coupon can be applied to any purchase over $14.99.

The Epic Games Store Holiday sale ends January 10th, 2024.

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