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Grab These Halloween Treats Before Time Runs Out!

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5 Reasons You Must Play Video Games With Your Kids

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The Failure to Let Kids Fail, and How Gaming Can Help

One of the many shortcomings of an education based on standardized testing is that it encourages students to fear being wrong. Multiple-choice tests don’t allow originality or give credit for...Read More

Tomb Raider

How Tomb Raider Saved a Life

Independent game developers are increasingly exploring ways that games could positively affect players’ emotions. Popular “AAA” games are also becoming more emotionally driven. This trend has had a huge impact on teens...Read More

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How Anonymous Gamers Are Making the World a Better Place

It was March 2012, and the cancer of six-year-old John Hoover had just been deemed terminal. Various medical conditions limited John’s mobility his whole life, and his mother Carri—a longtime...Read More

Consider Minecraft for Your Next Adventure

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Play With Me Please! 10 Great Tips for Gaming With Teens

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19 Things Every Parent Should Know About the ESRB Rating System

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T is for Teen: An Easy Guide to the ESRB Ratings

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