Hey Pixelkiners, it’s been a dramatic week. Nintendo has announced the end of Nintendo TVii, their television streaming service for the Wii U. This isn’t a huge surprise–it wasn’t that great, and you’ll still be able to watch Netflix on the Wii U so who even cares. What’s interesting is that this is part of Nintendo paring down its services in preparation for their arrival on mobile, and maybe a new console in the next couple years.

The Wii U hasn’t had a great life, but it did see the arrival of Splatoon, which has been instrumental in pushing the Wii U over the ten million units sold mark. 

Splatoon is getting a huge update on August 5, which will introduce new weapons and outfits, but more importantly new multiplayer game modes. You’ll be able to team up with friends in Squad Mode, and Private Battle will let you create matches of up to 8 friends. This is a sorely needed update to a great multiplayer game. Read more about the changes at Pixelkin. 

Minecraft got a new Greek Mythology DLC this week, that includes skins of all of your favorite Greek gods and monsters.

Meanwhile, the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft is in beta as of July 30. If you already have Minecraft on your PC, you’ll get the new version for free. Or, you can buy it through the Windows Store for $9.99. 

Rejoice because Nintendo and Universal Orlando are making a whole new video game theme park. Previously we announced that Nintendo would have some attractions at Universal Studios, but I guess they decided there were just too many good ideas, so they’re making a whole new park! Blizzard Entertainment will also be included, because Universal is backing the upcoming World of Warcraft movie. Nintendo is reportedly going to have a Mario Kart ride, plus attractions based on Pokemon and Zelda, so basically just tell me when it opens and I will be there.

If your PlayStation 4 has used up all its memory, GameStop is offering refurbished PS4s with more space. You can pick up a 2 terabyte PS4 for $479.99, which is a lot more space than the 500 gigabytes offered in the standard version of the PS4. 

LEGO Dimensions is coming out on September 27th, after Disney Infinity 3.0 and Skylanders SuperChargers. It’s got some great ideas, and it’ll have a lot more toy interaction than either of those games. But we’re not sure if it’s coming at a good time for toys-to-life games. Watch this week’s episode of The Issue to hear Courtney and me discuss LEGO Dimensions, how much it’ll cost, and whether people really want more toys-to-life.

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