Ubisoft just announced that they’ll be offering a Just Dance 2016 demo for free on Wii U, Xbox One (provided you have an Xbox Live subscription), and PlayStation 4.

The demo is just one song—”Blame” by Calvin Harris feat. John Newman—and will be playable with the Just Dance Controller App. The app is available for Apple and Android and coming soon to Windows Phone. The app will track the accuracy of the dancer’s moves without any extra hardware requirements, though if you’ve got Xbox One with Kinect, you can use that instead.

To grab the demo, just download the Just Dance Controller app to your smartphone, download the Just Dance 2016 demo on your console, and make sure your phone and your console are connected to the same wifi network. You’ll hold the phone in your right hand and perform the dance moves as per usual. If you’re not sure about this setup, that’s okay! That is, presumably, why Ubisoft is offering this free demo.

If you like using your smartphone to dance, you should also check out the online Just Dance Now!, which is available…well, now.

Just Dance 2016 will be released on October 20 of this year.

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