Traditionally Solitaire is a free app for Windows. Prior to Windows 8 it was included on computers—you didn’t need to download it. Windows 10 Solitaire will be the first version to include ads. Microsoft, however, is offering to let you pay only $9.99 per year to remove ads! How benevolent of them, amirite? 

In all seriousness, it’s likely not a big deal. Some frequent players may want to fork over 10 bucks for ad-free Solitaire, and most of us will just learn to ignore the ads when they pop up, like we already do on so many other apps. Polygon’s Brian Crescente noted that the video ads run about 30 seconds and pop up randomly between games. Incredibly annoying, yes, but not a catastrophe. (Well…I might amend that after my mom finds out.)

Microsoft Solitaire Collection will come pre-installed. It has five different variations to choose from. There will be new themes, daily challenges, and achievements. You’ll be able to challenge others on a leaderboard.

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