Now that the powers that be at Microsoft have plopped your very own copy of Windows 10 onto your computer, you can perform the miracle that is Xbox Windows 10 streaming! Yup, you can stream video games (and other content) from your Xbox One to your Windows 10 computers. The reason I know is that I just did it. It took a little messing around and reading some articles on the Internet, but if I did it, you can.

But Why?

First you might want to know why you’d want to stream games to your computer. One reason to do this is that you can haul your laptop around the house and play games on it rather than being tethered to the room where your Xbox is. You can use your controller and everything! Here’s a guy doing just that:

How To Do It

I got my Windows 10 update last night and tried the streaming thing this morning.

  • This step might be unnecessary, but I’m going to mention it anyhow. If streaming isn’t already enabled on your Xbox One, you might have to enable it. Press the button on the controller that looks like three horizontal lines. Select Preferences, then make sure the “Allow game streaming to other devices” box is checked.
  • On the Xbox One, start up the game you want to stream.
  • On your newly updated Windows 10 computer, find the Xbox app by typing Xbox into the new little gray box that says “Search the web and windows.” (It’s on the bottom left of my screen next to the Windows icon.) I guess it’s possible that you don’t have the Xbox app and if that’s the case download it on the Store (click on the little suitcase icon).
  • The app should locate your Xbox One automatically. Click Connect, and then just click on Stream.

It’s like a miracle! I was able to use the same wireless controller I use with my Xbox to play the game on my PC. If that doesn’t work for you, you might have to plug a controller into your computer via a USB connection.

This may not work as easily for everyone. Let us know how it works for you!

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