Emerald City CC

15 Exciting Things Families Can Do At Emerald City Comicon

Emerald City Comicon—Seattle’s own comic book and geek convention—is coming up at the end of March! From the 28th through the 30th, the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle...Read More

Why People Get Addicted to WoW, and What It Has To Do With Religion

Everybody knows  it’s easy to get a little too serious about games sometimes—but can we really compare that emotional intensity to religious fervor?Read More

The N64 Kids

"We've always had each other's backs"—12 Stories That Will Make You Miss Your Brother or Sister

When I was six, Santa Claus gave my family a Nintendo 64. I still remember unwrapping it on Christmas morning, tugging the plain white tissue paper off the box. I...Read More

Matt West

Teenager Matt West Doesn't Want Kids to Play Violent Games. Here's What He's Doing About It.

Have you ever heard a kid tell other kids to stop playing video games? Catch your breath, it’s not as extreme as you think. This Massachusetts teenager just wants people...Read More

Stroke Hero

Do You Know How to Recognize a Stroke? These Kids Do, Thanks to a Video Game.

Games have been used as educational tools for years, as you probably know if you’ve been hanging around Pixelkin for long. One game in particular, recently profiled by Yahoo News,...Read More


Copyright Law Isn't That Boring After All: Making a Career in Video Game Music

Every day at Pixelkin we have the opportunity to meet people in unusual careers in the video game industry. Much like the film industry, the video game industry has created...Read More


Listen to This 13-Year-Old History Buff School Us On Games

One of TEDx’s latest talks comes from a very young participant—13-year-old middle schooler Lewis Tachau. This kid is well-spoken and passionate about…learning history from World of Tanks? Yeah, you heard...Read More

Buffy the Vampire Slayer promo photo

10 TV Shows That Should Be Video Games

You’ve already heard about movies and books we want to see made into video games. To finish up the trifecta, I’m presenting 10 TV shows that I would like to...Read More

elk paper tearaway

Here's a Cute Story About a Dad, His 8-Year-Old Daughter, and Video Games

“Honey, I want you to play more video games.” Wait, what? That’s a dad talking to his eight-year-old daughter. It’s not your average dictate in a day and age when...Read More

Card Wars

New Release: Card Wars—Adventure Time

Today marks the release of Card Wars, a new Adventure Time game for iOS. If you’re a fan of the TV show, you may recognize this game from the episode...Read More