April 22 is Earth Day, where we raise awareness of global environmental issues (as well as usually mark the first day of Spring). PC gaming platform Steam is celebrating the entire week with an Earth Appreciation Festival.

The festival highlights games that involve nature and the planet, and range from idyllic and modern to post-apocalyptic future. Featured categories include simulation, strategy, city builder, and survival.

Many games are discounted. Highlights include tile-laying board-game like Dorfromantik (30% off), real-time strategy city builder Against the Storm (25% off), symbiotic village builder The Wandering Village (25% off), intricate sci-fi colony sim Rimworld (20% off), first-person survival crafter Pacific Drive (20% off), animal simulator Wolf Quest (25% off), dystopian post-apocalyptic city builder Frostpunk (80% off), and eco-minded space colonizer Imagine Earth (30% off).

Mountainous city builder Laysara: Summit Kingdom is also on sale (20% off), after its recent announcement at the Triple-I Showcase earlier this month, and Early Access launch.

As with other Steam festivals, you’ll also find constant live streams and recorded playthroughs of highlighted games, such as The Wandering Village.

This year’s Earth Appreciation Festival is hosted by indie developers Mechanistry (Timberborn), Stray Fawn Studio (The Wandering Village), and Slug Disco (Ecosystem). All three studios have released games with nature themes. Slug Disco is also publishing two nature sim games coming soon: Horticular, and Adapt.

The Earth Appreciation Festival ends April 29. Happy Earth Day!

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