Square Enix has released the final DLC for Final Fantasy 16. The Rising Tide DLC adds new areas, sidequests, weapons, Eikon abilities, increased level cap, and end-game survival mode. It’s out now on PlayStation 5 ($19.99), and included in the Final Fantasy 16 Expansion Pass ($24.99).

In The Rising Tide, Clive explores a new area in Mysidia, and battles the legendary water Eikon, Leviathan. As an Eikon, Leviathan grants Clive new high-powered water abilities.

To unlock the new content, players will need to unlock Origin on their map, and complete the quests “Where There’s a Will,” and “Priceless.”

The DLC also raises the level cap from to 60, and adds new end-game content with the Kairos Gate. In Kairos Gate, players battle waves of enemies across 20 increasingly challenging stages.

Players receive three bonuses for purchasing the DLC. The first is the Curtana sword, the Warrior of Light’s weapon from MMO Final Fantasy 14. The second and third are new Orchestrion Rolls that unlock new background music tracks for the hideaway. Players can unlock these goodies after completing “A Chance Encounter” quest.

The Final Fantasy 16 DLC launches alongside the 1.31 update. The free update adds skill set loadouts, free controller customization, a better photo mode, and a very helpful “Quest Complete” function that zips players back to the quest-giver.

Final Fantasy 16 is a single-player RPG that released in 2023 on PlayStation 5. It features a mature story in an original, dark fantasy world populated by summonable giant monsters called Eikons, and the important figures who wield them.

Final Fantasy 16 is rated M for Mature. A free demo is available on the PlayStation store.

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