Daedalic Entertainment and Australian developer Spitfire Interactive have released superhero tactics game Capes on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox ($39.99).

Capes is a turn-based tactical strategy game a la XCOM. It’s set in a dark world where supervillains won and superpowers have been outlawed.

Players form a team of diverse heroes with unique powers, strengths, and backstories to fight back against the evil oppressors. Heroes level up and gain new abilities as they embark on tactical battles through the main story, side missions, and hero-specific challenge missions.

Capes is less about percentage-chance to hits, and more about positioning, line of sight, and combo attacks with your fellow heroes. Every hero has a special team up ability with each ally, and can unleash devastating ultimate abilities.

“Capes takes flight today! We’re beyond excited to release Capes on PC and consoles, bringing a fresh and thrilling superhero tactical experience to players on all platforms,” said Cade Frankling, creative director, Spitfire Interactive. “Prepare for an adventure where your tactical prowess and heroism will shape the fate of the city. The journey starts now – dive into Capes and become the hero you were meant to be!”

Spitfire Interactive is a new studio born from Defiant Development (Hand of Fate), and Capes is their debut title. Writer Morgan Jaffit has superhero-tactics pedigree as a developer on Freedom Force from 2009.

In addition to the standard edition, Capes is also available in the King City Edition. The King City Edition includes extra wallpapers, digital art book, and eight extra hero skins.

Capes is rated T for Teen.

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