Life sim My Time at Sandrock is getting the Pokémon (or Palworld!) treatment with a big free update alongside the new Monster Whisperer DLC ($6.99).

You do not have to purchase the new DLC to gain access to the new monster-taming mechanic — sort of. The free 1.3 content update unlocks Sandrock’s pets for training and combat, such as Nemo, Coco, Fennec, and Lil Gecko. Players can train and level them, and adorn them with cute accessories.

The 1.3 update also adds two new levels to the Dead Sea Ruins, and a new Sand Buggy Circuit racing minigame.

If you want to capture and tame wild monsters, you’ll need the Monster Whisperer DLC. With the DLC, players can capture wild monsters by purchasing Meatballs and tossing them at enemies such as Jack Box, Desert Viper, and Bumble Ant.

The DLC also includes advanced tools and traps for capturing elusive and more difficult monsters, and a little story for advancing your monster army.

My Time at Sandrock is a 3D life sim RPG. As a newcomer to a burgeoning town, you’ll run a farm, gather resources, construct machines, venture into dungeons, and make friends with the locals. It’s available on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox, and rated E10+. It’s also currently on sale (25% off) on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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