In a surprising (but not unwelcome!) addition, Kermit the Frog is joining free-to-play kart racer Disney Speedstorm. The famous frog is the first Muppet character to join the ever-growing roster of Disney characters.

Kermit is a Speedster class racer in Speedstorm, and his special ability showcases his musical talents. For his normal skill, Kermit whips out his banjo and plays a boost-generating melody. The song also boosts other nearby racers, but Kermit then gets a bigger boost as a result.

If Kermit charges his skill, he can unleash a protective song, making him briefly immune to all attacks. If an opponent gets too close during his charged song, they’ll slow down, while Kermit will get a nice boost.

Speedstorm is still in the middle of Season Seven, which is themed around Wreck-It Ralph. New racers include Ralph, Vanellope, Sergeant Calhoun, Fix-it Felix, and King Candy. The Sugar Rush season also added a new Candy Kingdom environment, with six different tracks.

The free-to-play racer also recently celebrated its one-year anniversary in April (though it didn’t hit 1.0 until last September).

Is it too late to hope for an entire Muppet-themed season in the future? Plenty of fun, memorable characters to explore!

Disney Speedstorm is available on PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and mobile devices. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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