Indie studio Weyrdworks have released a demo for upcoming virtual pet game Weyrdlets, which is slated for release later this summer on Steam PC.

Weyrdlets is inspired by the virtual pet (aka Tamagotchi) craze of the 90s. However, instead of starving due to neglect (seriously, those “games” were kind of messed up), this virtual pet is made with productivity and idle gameplay in mind.

When left idle, your virtual pet generates coins, which are used to purchase in-game items such as outfits and decorations. Your pet has an entire island home they can furnish, Animal Crossing-style.

When not chilling at their island home, your pet can accompany you directly on your desktop while you work. Or “work.” Your buddy will watch videos, wander the screen, and generally act as a cute ball of stress relief.

weyrdletsOn twitter, the developers describe it as “Productive Tamagotchi Meets Microsoft Clippy.”

Though inherently distracting, Weyrdlets is meant to increase your productivity. By using the in-game Pomodoro Timer and To-Do list (which are also available directly on your desktop) you can stay on track and get things done, while your little buddy accumulates coins.

The free demo is available now, and offers only a single pet option, the reptilian Wagyu. The full game is due to release later this summer.

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