Big news for MultiVersus as we head into launch week. Warner Bros. Games and Player First Games have announced the next playable fighters coming in Season 1, which begins on launch day on May 28, as well as details about a new co-op mode called rifts, and the reveal of the cinematic trailer, “Stars Collide, Pies Fly.”

The new characters are all villains: Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th) and Agent Smith (The Matrix) are joining the recently announced The Joker (DC Comics), who appears prominently in the new cinematic trailer (above).

The machete-wielding Jason will be available at the start of Season One, while the suit-wearing Agent Smith will arrive later in the season. Hopefully we’ll see Freddy Kruger at some point, leading to some excellent horror icon sparring we haven’t seen in 20 years!

In addition to standard competitive play, MultiVersus is also getting a PvE mode called Rifts. Rifts can be played solo, or cooperatively online. They are organized around different themes each season, and feature unique stages, skins, characters, and storylines. The first season rift appears based around the Joker.

Rifts also feature their own unique rules, called mutators. Examples include never touching the ground, or playing a game of volleyball, or even battling a giant boss. Players can earn up to five stars in each rift node, gain powerups, and earn rewards.

MultiVersus is launching as free-to-play on May 28 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It’s rated T for Teen.

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