Supergiant Games has released their first-ever direct sequel in Hades 2, available now via Steam and Epic Games Store Early Access ($29.99).

Hades 2 continues the tightly balanced, mythological roguelike action game in an all-new story. The sequel stars Melinoë, princess of the Underworld and sister to Zagreus from the first game. Melinoë’s quest is to defeat the titan Chronos through procedurally generated, increasingly challenging levels and enemies.

As in the first game, Melinoë possesses smooth fighting skills, bolstered by regular upgrades and abilities from Olympian gods.

Every time Melinoë dies and fails, she resurrects ready to begin again, and the story continues to unfold.

According to Supergiant Games, the Hades 2 Early Access version already has more content than the original Hades did when it fully launched. But more content is still to come, including more characters, enemies, and story developments, including the true ending.

Hades 2 will receive Major Updates (emphasis theirs) every few months that add new content and features. It will remain in Early Access through the end of 2024, at least.

Supergiant Games is one of the most beloved indie developers, and celebrating their 15th anniversary this year. Games such as Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre encompass different genres, but share high quality art, music, and voice acting, along with stellar gameplay.

Hades was their most successful game to date, and cited as one of the best roguelike action games of all time. The original Hades was in Early Access for about two years before the 1.0 launch, and another year for the console release. Its success prompted their first-ever sequel.

Award-winning composer Darren Korb returns for the Hades 2 original soundtrack.

Hades 2 is expected to release on Mac and consoles when it’s out of Early Access.

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