Beloved indie developer Supergiant Games’ latest game, Hades, launched almost exactly one year ago exclusively on the Epic Games Store. That timed exclusivity has ended, and Hades is now available on Steam, though it’s still in Early Access until 2020.

“We’ve come a long way in our first year of open development,” states the press release from Supergiant Games. “We’ve shipped eight Major Updates so far, roughly tripling the amount of content since launch. We’ve improved our production process, and grown accustomed to developing our game out in the open. We think this is the perfect time to expand our audience in Early Access by bringing Hades to Steam, so that when we finally hit that v1.0 mark, it’s really going to be the best game it can be.”

Hades is a hack and slash dungeon crawler with a Greek Mythology theme. Players play as the immortal Prince of the Underworld as he tries to fight his way out of hell in an act of teenage rebellion towards his father, the god of the dead.

For owners of the Epic Games Store version, save data will transfer automatically.

Hades is 20% off until Jan. 2, 2020. As an added early adopter bonus, everyone who purchases Hades on Steam will receive a free, giftable copy of Supergiant’s previous game, Pyre. If you already own Pyre, gift it to a friend!

Hades will arrive on other platforms (and presumably officially launch) in the second half of 2020.

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