It’s time to party! Season 2 of Square Enix’s Splatoon-like arena shooter Foamstars has begun, adding a new character, new missions, and more limited time events in the Groovy Disco.

The new Foamstar is Coiff Guy. He’s an over-the-top pro wrestler who uses his physicality to dominate the battlefield. He can be unlocked for free once players unlock Tier 31 of the Season Pass. By purchasing the Premium Pass, you can unlock him right away.

Coiff Guy is also the star of All Coiff Guy Extreme Party mode. Everyone plays Coiff Guy in a teams match for the first team to get 10 knockouts. The special even will take place over two rounds, once this weekend (March 15-17) and again the last weekend of March (March 29-31).

Season 2 also includes new Ranked Party matches, including four-person Tribe-Vibe and Lonestar for solo players.

The new FriYaY party mode has been increased to six hour bursts, and will feature sneak peak at Season 3’s new character, Chloe Noir.

In mission mode, players can take on three additional scenarios, including a boss battle with Dark Ramzey.

Season 2 ends April 12.

Foamstars was free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in February. Now it’s $29.99 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The Premium Season Pass costs $5.99. It’s rated T for Teen.

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