Capcom announced that spin-off Monster Hunter Stories is coming to PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and Switch this summer, with updated graphics and some new features.

The original Monster Hunter Stories released in 2017 on Nintendo 3DS (and on mobile the following year).

Instead of hunting monsters, the player befriends their own “Monsties” as allies, taking them into battle against other monsters in turn-based battle. They could even ride their Monsties while exploring the world, using each monster’s special abilities to traverse obstacles and reach new areas.

The modern port includes both Japanese and English voice overs, a new Museum Mode featuring over 200 pieces of artwork, and enhanced HD graphics and lighting.

The sequel, which released on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) in 2021, is also getting ported to PlayStation 4.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin built upon the same turn-based gameplay and zone exploration with an all-new story and characters, and much improved graphics over the 3DS, though we found the original game a bit more charming.

Monster Hunter Stories, and Monster Hunter Stories 2 (PS4) will release on June 14. Pre-orders will begin soon, and offer special outfits for main characters in both games.

The Monster Hunter Stories series is rated E10+.

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