Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studios have detailed the third Expansion Pass DLC for 4X strategy game Age of Wonders 4. Primal Fury will add new forms, units, mounts, and tomes themed around beasts when it launches on February 27th ($9.99).

Primal Fury is a smaller scope DLC, like Dragon Dawn, but still adds an entirely new culture. The Primal Culture can choose between seven different animal to worship and model themselves around, conferring different bonuses and buffs.

New avatar forms allow players to create races with lupine and goat forms, along with new four new bestial mounts: mammoths, elephants, sabretooths, and crocodiles.

Goat-people riding crocodiles? Why not!

The DLC also adds two new Tomes of Magic. The Tome of Fey Mists can shield units with magical mists. The Tome of the Stormborne will be useful for water-themed maps and players, offering bonuses to ocean provinces, along with water and lightning powers.

The Tome of the Stormborne will get a lot of use out of the new ocean-themed story realm map, Stormwreathed Isles.

One final DLC for the Expansion Pass, Eldritch Realms, is due out in Q2 of this year.

Age of Wonders 4 is available on PC (Steam, GOG, Epic). It’s rated T for Teen.

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