Paradox Interactive and developer Triumph Studios have released Empire & Ashes ($19.99), the biggest expansion yet for 4x strategy game Age of Wonders 4. Empire & Ashes adds a new tech-based culture and avian racial form, in a addition to more tomes, story missions, and units.

The biggest addition is the new Reaver Culture. The Reavers are engineers who bring their superior technology of muskets, cannons, and war golems onto the battlefield. The culture features Materium and Chaos affinities, and specialize in aggressive, ranged combat.

The new Avian form allows players to create birdfolk races. The avian Kazura tie into the two new story missions, which tie into the events of Age of Wonders 3.

Players can further customize their faction with four new magic tomes, all of which tie into technology and anti-magic.

The expansion also adds a new victory condition, Seals of Power. By finding and controlling these seals around the map, you can achieve victory.

Empire & Ashes is the second post-launch DLC for Age of Wonders 4. Dragon Dawn, which added dragon leaders and a reptilian form, released earlier this year. Coming next year are two more DLC packs, Primal Fury and Eldritch Realms.

All the DLC and expansions are part of the Expansion Pass ($49.99) and the Premium Edition ($89.99).

Age of Wonders 4 is available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s rated T for Teen.

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