With a single 11-second embedded video across social media channels, Nintendo has set off a flurry of excitement. Through this tiny tease, LEGO and Nintendo have announced LEGO Animal Crossing, a new set of LEGO toys based around the popular life sim franchise.

Unfortunately that little teaser is all we have to go on. Nintendo (or LEGO) have yet to provide a formal press release on where this collaboration is taking us. But we’re safe to assume we’ll get at least one new LEGO set featuring several new Animal Crossing minifigures!

This isn’t the first time Nintendo and LEGO have worked together. The Super Mario Bros. LEGO sets have been around for a few years, and feature fun interactive elements reminiscent of the classic platforming series.

There’s also the awesome, detailed replica of the original NES system entirely in LEGO, which also sits proudly on my office shelf.

The newest Mario piece is a 540 piece Piranha Plant, with a recommended build age of 18+.

Animal Crossing isn’t quite as widely popular as Mario, but we love to see this collaboration between two well-regarded, family-friendly entertainment brands flourish. LEGO Zelda, anyone?

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