Paradox Interactive and developer C Prompt Games have announced Millennia, a new historical-based 4x turn-based strategy game. It’s due out in 2024, with wishlist available on Steam.

Millennia promises to take players across ten historical ages, or 10,000 years of human history. Each age features its own rules, units, challenges, and multiple paths that can alter the course of history.

Ages could follow the normal flow of human history, or veer into wild what-if alt-history scenarios, depending on the choices players make. For example, the Age of Aether is a steampunk age, while the Age of Blood is one of endless war consuming the world.

Technology trees are custom built based on chosen National Spirits, which help define what your culture is good at. Players combine different National Spirits throughout the ages to craft their unique civilization.

Paradox Interactive specializes in big strategy games, from Stellaris to Age of Wonders and Crusader Kings. C Prompt Games is an indie developer working on their debut game. The team is made up of veteran designers whose resume includes Age of Empire 2, Starcraft 2, and Orcs Must Die.

The official website will roll out dev diaries throughout the coming months. The first dev diary has already been posted, going over outposts, towns, and regions on the world map.

If you’ve been itching for more Civ-like games, check out 2021’s Humankind, developed by Amplitude Studios.

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