Mario is one of the most iconic mascots in pop culture, and one of his best-known qualities is smashing bricks. This time he’s joining forces with brick-building Lego toys.

Both the official Nintendo and Lego twitter accounts are teasing an upcoming crossover project using the hashtag #LEGOSuperMario. It’s such an obvious partnership that it took me a minute to realize that it hadn’t happened until now.

Neither company is announcing what exactly this partnership, or project, entails. The biggest question: is it a new licensed Lego video game, like Lego Star Wars or Lego Marvel Super Heroes? Or a new physical Lego set with Mario figures?

Judging by the brief video clip showing a Lego Mario figure, we’re guessing the latter. Lego is no stranger to using official licenses with their Lego toys, including video game licenses like Overwatch and Minecraft.

Today is also Mario Day (Mar. 10), making it a fun day to announce a new Mario-related project.

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