Two of my favorite things from my childhood have been united in one charming package. The Lego Nintendo Entertainment System features a build-able, full-size replica of the original console, a controller, and a CRT TV, alongside a clever scrolling image to showcase World 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros.

The toy set features over 2600 pieces and has a recommended age of 18+. This may be a Lego set, but it’s aimed squarely at adults nostalgic for the classic 1980s console.

Nearly every piece of the set is constructed from Lego pieces, including the console, the controller, a Super Mario Bros. cartridge, and a mini-TV.

Inside the TV features a unique side-scrolling display of the first level of Super Mario Bros. Mario hops and jumps along as the world scrolls by turning a crank on the side.

The interactivity goes even further when used in conjunction with the Mario figure from the Lego Super Mario Starter Course ($59.99). When placed in a certain spot on top of the TV, the Mario figure will play sound effects when hitting certain objects, such as enemies and power-ups, as well as playing the classic Mario theme song.

The Lego Nintendo Entertainment System is coming August 1, with a price tag of $229.99.

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