Paradox Interactive has announced they are publishing Foundry, a first-person factory simulator being developed by Channel 3 Entertainment.

Foundry is planning on a lengthy Steam Early Access stint soon. But a free demo will be available first during the Steam Next Fest event, beginning October 9.

Foundry is set in a procedurally generated, voxel world (think Minecraft). Your robotic avatar must harvest and process resources into increasingly complex machines, processing centers, and factories. You’ll need to manage resources and power levels to keep up with demand.

The goal is to create complete automated, self-sustaining factories. The trailer showcases an assembly line of human-looking robots. Uh, are we the evil AI bent on world domination?

Foundry began life on digital gaming storefront before being picked up by Paradox.

“The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from the Foundry Alpha on was encouraging and highlighted the game’s immense potential,” said Patrik Meder, Vice-president, Channel 3 Entertainment, “To fully realize this potential, it was essential to collaborate with the perfect partner. Being published by Paradox Interactive allows us to fulfill the vision and ambitions we have for Foundry.”

The game supports cooperative multiplayer, though warns that the current Early Access version is a bit less stable than single player. Early Access release date has not yet been announced.

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