Want to feel dreadfully old? Sonic the Hedgehog is celebrating his 32nd birthday this year. Sega hosted their third annual Sonic Central event, featuring updates and news for all things Sonic-related, including new DLC for Sonic Superstars, and a new bundle with Sonic Origins Plus.

Sonic Superstars is the recently announced, coming soon 2D platformer that supports up to four player local and online co-op. Superstars is also getting a Lego-themed DLC expansion. The Lego Sonic Skin will be free, while Lego Eggman is a reward for fans who pre-order the game.

Sonic Superstars will release later this year.

Sonic Origins Plus is an updated version of the 2022 compilation that featured remasters of the first four Sonic games. Plus adds 12 Game Gear Sonic games (there were 12!?). It also adds Amy Rose as a playable character for the first four Sonic games, while Knuckles gets unique new level paths in Sonic CD.

Sonic Origins Plus can be purchased separately ($39.99), or as DLC to Sonic Origins ($10).

Sonic Frontiers is celebrating the Blue Blur with a Birthday Bash Update. The free update adds a New Game Plus mode, as well as new challenges, moves, and birthday decorations to the 3D platformer.

If that’s not enough Sonic goodness for you, there’s also a new season of Netflix animated series Sonic Prime, and an international touring concert with the Sonic Symphony World Tour this fall.

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