It’s a truth universally acknowledged that kids love dinosaurs. My almost three year old is obsessed with Dino Ranch, an animated series on Disney+. French publisher Microids and developer Redox Interactive are bringing the popular series to the video game world with Dino Ranch – Ride to the Rescue, releasing on Nintendo Switch on October 12.

Play as Jon, Min, and Miguel in the mashup world of wild west cowboys and dino-riding. Each of the young dino ranchers can use their skills and talents to help out around the ranch.

Jon and his velociraptor Blitz can race around the ranch, finding lost eggs and lassoing missing dinosaurs.

Miguel uses Tango the triceratops to bust through barriers, while using tools to repair broken pieces.

Riding on her friendly brontosaurus Clover, Min’s medical skills has her taking care of eggs and newborns in the hatchery.

With lots of dinosaurs to ride and minigames to play, there should be plenty of fun for fans of the show. Hopefully we’ll get an actual trailer soon!

Dino Ranch – Ride to the Rescue will release on Nintendo Switch on October 12.

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