Since Pokémon Go’s unprecedented popularity in 2016, companies have been trying to figure out the Augmented Reality market. Specifically, the next big mobile AR game.

Hoping to recapture that magic, Niantic, Inc, developers of Pokémon Go, have released Peridot on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Peridot appears to be more Tamagotchi than Pokémon Go. Kids (and teachers!) from the 90s will remember those frustrating little pocket devices of starving digital creatures that required constant attention.

The titular “Dots” of Peridot are cute, unique creatures that act as digital pets. Keepers can pet them, play fetch, feed them, dress them up, and take them on walks. And take lots of adorable pictures and videos.

Peridot also features a complex breeding system, using each creature’s unique strand of DNA and collection of genes and traits, called Perigenetics. According to the developers’ official blog post, there are 2.3 x 10^24 possible combinations, which is effectively limitless.

Check out the Peridot Keeper Society on the main website for helpful videos and tips on playing the game.

As a launch gift, players can collect a free party hat cosmetic if you download and play before May 22nd.

Peridot is free-to-download on Android and iOS mobile devices. It features in-app purchases, and is rated E for Everyone.

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