Gearbox Publishing and indie French developer Casus Ludi have released Blanc, a combat-free and text-free co-op adventure, on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) and Switch ($14.99).

A snowstorm has separated a young deer and wolf from their families. Each animal has their own special skills, and only by working together can the overcome obstacles and find their path home.

As with Hazelight Studios co-op adventures, Blanc is designed exclusively for co-op play, with each player controlling one of the animals. Blanc supports local and online multiplayer, but only needs two buttons and an analog stick to control them.

The art style is uniquely black and white, with hand drawn environments that have been adapted into 3D. Blanc opts for a minimalist style, with no text, dialogue, combat, or fail state.

“Taking our first ever game from a humble proof of concept created during a game jam to the beautiful, co-op focused experience it is today has been quite a journey. We have learned a lot as storytellers.” said Florent de Grissac, Co-founder and designer, Casus Ludi. “We hope that the unique hand-drawn art, focus on cooperation, and cozy feeling experienced while playing will inspire everyone to find the fawn to their wolf cub and spend quality time together.”

Blanc is the studio’s first full-length game release. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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