After two and a half years in Early Access (and four years since the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter), Humble Games and developer Crema have released Pokémon-like creature collector Temtem as a full 1.0 release. Temtem is available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, Switch, and Xbox X/S ($44.99).

Temtem is different from Pokémon in several key ways. For one, it’s an MMORPG and much more social. It’s set in a world of floating islands called the Airborne Archipelago.

As an online world, you can see other players are adventuring around you, and can team up with a friend to tackle everything in co-op. Players can own their own house and decorate it with furniture and wallpaper.

Every battle is a 2v2, easily supporting two player co-op, as well as opening up strategic ways of combining Temtem powers.

The 1.0 release represents several years worth of updates, patches, and new content. The latest additions include the endgame island, Tamer’s Paradise, where players can take on the biggest PvE and PvP challenges after finishing the campaign. Sweeping balance changes have been made to make the campaign less grindy.

Temtem has also gained an optional premium cosmetic store and season pass. The developers promise that only purely cosmetic items can be purchased or earned.

Temtem is available now. It’s rated E10+.

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