Free-to-play mobile game Pokémon Masters EX is celebrating its three-year anniversary with a big milestone. For the first time ever in a Pokémon video game, players can unlock and play as Ash, the famous protagonist from Pallet Town, of the Pokémon Anime series.

I’m honestly shocked he’s never shown up as playable character before!

On August 30, Ash and Pikachu will arrive as a new Electric-type sync pair. They come equipped with Pikachu’s signature B Thunderbolt move, a powerful attack that never misses. Players can unlock Ash through the Ash Master Fair Scout until October 16.

The anniversary event also includes three special events. Players can battle Ash in Daily Training with Ash and Challenge from Ash. The story plays out in Blazing Battle with Ash, as the newly arrived Ash enters the tournament in Pasio.

Ash & Pikachu are only a slice of the new content coming for the Three-Year Anniversary. New sync pairs include Sygna Suit Cynthia & Lucario, Sygna Suit Red & Pikachu, and Giovanni (Classic) & Persian. A new game mode called Trainer Lodge has also been added.

The Trainer Lodge is a social area where players can gift presents, swap stories and photos, or embark on expeditions with other Trainers.

Finally, players can earn bonus gems just for logging into the game, including a one-time bonus of 3,000 gems before October 2.

Pokémon Masters EX is free-to-download on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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