PQube and Vewo Interactive have announced the Nexomon + Nexomon: Extinction: Complete Collection is now available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 ($24.99). It’s available in digital and physical formats.

A hearty congratulations for including two colons in one game title.

The Complete Collection includes the original Nexomon and its sequel, Nexomon: Extinction. The RPGs feature over 600 Nexomon creatures to catch, battle, train, and evolve. The series proudly wears its Pokémon inspirations as a badge of honor, featuring old school top-down exploration across 10 different regions.

Turn-based battles shift to 2d animated screens with colorful Nexomon creatures.

The higher-rated sequel adds more Nexomon and a new dynamic difficulty that matches with the player’s progression.

The creature collector RPGs were originally designed for mobile devices as free-to-download with microtransactions.

The Nexomon Complete Collection is also available on PC (Steam) and Xbox. The games are rated E10+.

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