Capcom has announced the previously Switch-exclusive Monster Hunter Rise is now available on PC, through Steam, for $59.99.

The PC version includes support for up to 4K resolution, advanced graphics options, ultra-wide monitor support, and more. Monster Hunter Rise also includes all of the free post-launch content up to the 3.6.1 update of the Switch version. Post-launch content includes new monsters Chameleos and Valstrax, as well as crossover content with Ghosts n’Goblins.

Future content will be synced with the Switch version by the end of February.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest main title in the long-running action series where players take on the role of hunters in a world of giant, vicious beasts. By battling these monsters, hunters can obtain rare ingredients and pieces to carve bigger and better weapons. Hunters can master 14 different weapon types, including big axes, dual swords, and bows, each of which vastly changes how the hunter fights.

Rise also adds the new Wirebug grappling hook, adding Silkbind attacks to each weapon. Hunters can also use their Wirebug to temporarily mount and control monsters. New Canyne Palamutes can also join hunters as loyal, mountable companions.

Up to four hunters can join quests together online by searching for others using the Hunter Connect tag system.

In addition to the standard edition, a Deluxe Edition ($69.99) is also available that includes in-game goodies, such as the Kamurai layered armor set. All PC players will receive a free item pack with some useful goodies, including the Guild Cross armor set to help out in the early game.

Coming this summer is a major paid expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, Sunbreak. Details are still forthcoming, but we expect new monsters and at least one new region.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on PC and Switch. It’s rated T for Teen.

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