Unsurprisingly, Civ-like 4X strategy game Humankind looks to follow Civilization’s DLC model. Namely, lots of small-ish DLC that add new civilizations, or in Humankind, cultures.

Humankind’s first DLC is based on the second largest continent, Africa. Cultures of Africa includes six new cultures, one for each era. That brings the total number of cultures to 66.

It also includes five new wonders based on natural and man-made structures in Africa, seven new independent people, and 15 new narrative events.

The six new cultures are:

  • Bantu (Era 1, Expansionist)
  • Garamantes (Era 2, Agrarian)
  • Swahili (Era 3, Merchant)
  • Maasai (Era 4, Agrarian)
  • Ethiopian (Era 5, Militarist)
  • Nigerians (Era 6, Agrarian)

Agrarian cultures are typically quite powerful in Humankind and often snatched up quickly (looking at you, Harappans and Celts). Having three more should be a nice addition. I also like that we get a new culture in each era. Not only showcasing a region’s development throughout history, but providing new options and combinations as we progress through the game.

The five new wonders include:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Victoria Falls
  • Zuma Rock
  • Lake Natron
  • Great Mosque of Djenné

The Cultures of Africa DLC will launch on January 20 on Steam PC, for $8.99. You can pre-order before January 20 for a 10% discount.

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