A new Nintendo Direct aired on September 23, 2021, revealing an all new Kirby game, a full expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, and the voice cast and release date for the full-length animated Mario film.

If you were hoping for news on Animal Crossing or Smash Bros., you’ll need to tune into their respective directs next month. An Animal Cross: New Horizons Direct is scheduled for October. Meanwhile the final Sakurai Presents for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will air on October 5th. That stream will feature the final DLC character for Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is approaching its three year anniversary!

Nintendo Switch Online is getting Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games through the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack, releasing in October. On launch, Nintendo 64 games will include Mario Kart 64, Starfox 64, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Genesis games include Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Streets of Rage 4, and Ecco the Dolphin.

To receive this new content, you’ll have to pay more for the “Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack” membership. Nintendo will reveal more details about the price and release later this year.

Shigeru Miyamato himself came on the Direct to announce the voice cast for the upcoming animated Mario film. Voice cast includes Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya-Taylor Joy as Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi, and Jack Black as Bowser. Mario’s original voice actor throughout the decades, Chris Martinet, will be featured in the film as surprise cameos.

Nintendo is working with animation studio Illumination (Despicable Me) to produce the film, which will open in theatres on December 21, 2022.

Now, on to the trailers!

Splatoon 3

A lengthier gameplay trailer teased new content coming to Splatoon 3. New and returning stages, new weapons, and an all-new single player campaign featuring the return of the mammalians. Otherwise it looks like more of the same great kid-friendly paintball multiplayer action.

Release: 2022

Bayonetta 3

Bayonneta 3 was announced way back in 2017, followed by years of radio silence. This trailer represents our first look at the game, starring the gun-heeled, hair-transforming witch. The over-the-top action looks a lot like the first two.

Release: 2022

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

In recent years Kirby is probably more famous for starring in Super Smash Bros. then his own games. The Direct announced Kirby and the Forgotten Land, a new Kirby solo game that features our cute pink hero exploring what looks like a post-apocalyptic world using his signature eat-and-copy ability.

Release: Spring 2022

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Sunbreak represents the first (and possibly only) major expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, which released earlier this year. If it’s anything like Monster Hunter World’s expansion Iceborne, Sunbreak will feature new maps, new monsters, and new gameplay features focused on post-game content.

Release: Summer 2022

Metroid Dread

Sadly Samus is also probably more known from Smash Bros then her own series. Dread is a sequel to 2002’s Fusion, the last new 2D Metroid game. Similar to Fusion, Samus will have to avoid a powerful threat while exploring a mysterious planet.

Release: October 8

Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars

Published by Square Enix, Voice of Cards is an RPG built entirely out of cards, along with dice and turn-based battles. It’s also launching on Steam and PlayStation 4.

Release: October 28 (Demo available today)

Actraiser Renaissance

The original Actraiser uniquely combined 2D, side-scrolling action with overhead real-time strategy and base management. Renaissance is an HD remaster, adding new stages, boss battles, and  rearranged soundtrack. It’s out now on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and mobile devices.

Release: Today!

Chocobo GP

Chocobo GP is obviously Mario Kart, Final Fantasy edition. Race as Final Fantasy characters and villains in local and online multiplayer, and unleash special attacks and spells from the series. The dang chocobo roller skates, how cute is that?

Release: 2022

Triangle Strategy

Based on feedback from the demo released earlier this year, Square Enix has made several adjustments and improvements to this Final Fantasy Tactics-like strategy RPG, including difficulty options and camera controls.

Release: March 4, 2022

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