Japanese marketing firm Ryu’s Office is hosting their third annual Indie Live Expo next weekend. Indie Live Expo 2021 will feature over 300 indie games from around the world in a five-hour broadcast stream, beginning at 2am Pacific/5am Eastern on Saturday, June 5.

The developers may be independent, but you should recognize many of the sponsors and publishers involved, including Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, 505 games, Koch Media, Why So Serious?, and Arc System Works. The Indie Live Premiere segment will include new reveals and information for upcoming PC and console games as picked by the Indie Live Expo Board, while Indie Picks will showcase previously released games chosen by the gaming media.

If you’re wondering how to possibly cram hundreds of games into a five-hour broadcast, there’s also a 15-second segment called Indie Waves, featuring ultra-quick looks at new at upcoming games and developers.

The stream will be broadcast in English in addition to Japanese and Chinese, and hosted by Japanese idol Kaori ‘Kaotan’ Horiuchi, with co-hosts comedian Atsugiri Jason and content creator J-mon. The show will also include musical performances by two of Japan’s most popular video game music cover artists Dainashi and Shamio.

The Indie Live Expo 2021 show begins in the early mornings of June 5, at 2am Pacific/5am Eastern, streaming to YouTube and Twitch.

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