It’s been ten years since Terraria originally released, yet the 2D crafting-platformer has seemingly never been more popular. This week developer Re-Logic celebrates a huge milestone: 35 million copies sold, putting in the top 15 of all-time best-selling games, above the likes of Skyrim, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Diablo 3.

“We remain hard at work on the litany of updates across the board as we press forward into 2021,” writes developer Loki on the official Terraria forums. “Things are really starting to come together, and we are beyond excited for what the rest of the year has in store. The momentum for Terraria has never been stronger than it is right this moment. When you add that to what is still to come this year with Console Journey’s End, Steam Workshop Support, getting to parity content for everyone… and then the possibility of crossplay down the line (we hope!), you could easily say that Journey’s End may have arrived, but the journey for Terraria is far from over!”

Terraria has also surpassed Portal 2 as the number one highest-rated game on Steam by user reviews, according to website Steam Top 250. Other beloved games in the top ten list include The Witcher 3, Hades, and Stardew Valley. At over 700,000 user reviews, Terraria has by far more user reviews than any other game in the top ten.

Last year Terraria released its fourth and final major content update, called Journey’s End, adding new items, enemies and gameplay features, and bringing the classic 2D Minecraft-like game back into the spotlight.

Terraria is available on just about every console in existence throughout the last decade, including Wii U and Vita, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. It recently released on Stadia (trailer above) following some drama after developer and co-creator Andrew Spinks was locked out of his Google account, and as a result, canceled the release. The situation was remedied, and the port was uncanceled.

Terraria is rated T for Teen.

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