The Square Enix Presents livestream revealed the 2021 update roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers, at least through “summer and beyond.” Today also sees the official release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions. Owners of the last-gen version can upgrade their games for free, and retain all save progress.

The roadmap includes today’s release of Operation Hawkeye Future Imperfect, which adds Clint Barton as the second post-launch hero (behind the other Hawkeye, Kate Bishop), along with a new villain, the dark future version of Hulk called Maestro, and a set of story missions.

Later this Spring we’ll see the Tachyon Anomaly Event and Red Room Takeover events. The Tachyon Anomaly will temporarily allow players to bring more than one of the same hero on all mission types – like a party of four Hulks! That’s a lot of smash.

The Red Room Takeover is a Black Widow-themed event, that should launch around the same time as the Black Widow feature film (May 7), and will include the star’s frenemy Yelena Belova as she infiltrates the helicarrier to set a deadly trap.

Summer will add several new events, including a new Patrol Mode mission type offering a larger area with continuously spawning enemies, as well as the high level Omega Level Threat Missions that require a foursome of experienced heroes.

But the biggest news is that Black Panther is joining the roster as the third post-launch hero in the War for Wakanda expansion, which will add a significant amount of content, including new story missions, enemies, outfits, and the Wakanda jungle biome, as well as increasing the hero power level cap.

Since its release last fall, Marvel’s Avengers has underperformed, and received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, due to its short campaign and repetitive missions. Square Enix is committed, for now anyway, at turning what should be a flagship ongoing multiplayer game around.

Marvel’s Avengers is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. It’s rated T for Teen.

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