With COVID-19 cancelling traditional fundraising events, charities have to get creative. JDRF, the leading fundraiser for Type 1 Diabetes, is turning to popular online game Roblox.

JDRF One World is a virtual fundraiser and community outreach program that Roblox players can visit to learn more about Type 1 Diabetes.

“Of all the online games we could have partnered with, we chose Roblox for several reasons: it’s family friendly, it’s free to play on a variety of devices, and it’s a platform specifically designed for building virtual spaces like JDRF One World,” states the FAQ.

One World features an interactive One Walk course with information tents, six minigames, and virtual prizes. Games include a Fall Guys-style obstacle course, a scavenger hunt, and a T1D trivia game. Winning all the minigames grants access to the V1P tent, which includes a dance party with special guests from the diabetes world.

JDRF One World will remain online indefinitely and receive new content over time. The launch of the server coincides with November as National Diabetes Awareness Month.

In addition to One World, JDRF are hosting several other gaming-related fundraisers this month. Charity streams are taking place all month, with a focus on the weekend of November 21-22 and a $20,000 fundraising goal.

JDRF is also working with Humble Bundle to donate a percentage of purchases to JDRF from November 6 to December 3. And online golf game World Golf Tour will host a public tournament for JDRF during the week of Nov. 14-21.

Roblox is free-to-play on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices (iOS, Android).

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