Season seven of Respawn and EA’s Battle Royale Apex Legends is shaping up to be the biggest season yet. Season 7, which is live November 4, adds a new Legend, a new map, and the game’s first vehicle.

The new Legend is Horizon, and astronaut scientist who specializes in gravity. Her custom suit gives her control over her movement while in the air. She can use gravity lifts to fall from great heights or allow her team to ascend. Her ultimate deploys a robotic companion that drops a miniature black hole into enemy teams.

Horizon players will get a chance to show off in the new map, Olympus. Olympus is a sky city utopia that floats among the clouds. At least it was before a failed experiment unleashed a bubble of phase energy, leaving the city abandoned. Players will fight among agricultural towers, gardens, and restaurants, while using the Phase Runner tunnels to quickly zip around the map.

For the first two weeks, Olympus will be the only map available. Afterward maps will rotate between Olympus and World’s Edge. The original map, Kings Canyon, will be put in the vault.

The new hover car vehicles, Tridents, will also help teams get around the vertical battlefield of Olympus. Pilots will shift to third-person while passengers remain in first-person and can shoot while riding. Tridents can’t be destroyed, but passengers will take any damage applied to the vehicle.

Tridents were designed to speed up the early game, and there’s no limits to where they can be taken. Season seven will also feature a Battle Pass focused on high fashion, and Challenges move from point-based to a star rating.

Season seven also marks the introduction of Apex Legends to Steam on PC. Origin players can move all their progress and unlocks over to Steam. For a limited time, Steam players can earn Half-Life and Portal weapon charms just by logging in.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A Switch release is planned for next year. See the full Season seven patch notes here. It’s rated T for Teen.

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