Free-to-play action-adventure Genshin Impact is getting its first big update with version 1.1, “A New Star Approaches.” The update will release on November 11, adding four new playable characters and the first seasonal event.

The four new characters include two 4-star and two 5-star heroes. Of the 5-star heroes, Childe is a hydro-element archer who can switch between melee and ranged attacks. Zhongli is a geo-element polearm wielder with strong defenses and area of effect attacks.

The seasonal event is called Unreconciled Stars. During the two-week event, players can complete a new series of quests, including co-op challenges. Rewards include the popular 4-star character Fischl.

A new reputation system will also be introduced with 1.1. The traveler can increase their reputation in each major city by completing quests and other activities. Higher reputation can unlock new region-exclusive items and customizations. New tools like portable waypoints and stoves, treasure compasses and oculus resonance stones will make exploring the world of Teyvat much easier.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, open world, single player RPG that supports online co-op. It’s supported by microtransactions where players can purchase blind boxes filled with items and, more rarely, characters, though you can also earn currency in-game. It’s available on PC, PlayStation 4 (and soon PlayStation 5), and mobile devices (iOS, Android). It’s rated T for Teen.

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