The indie developers behind roguelike survival game The Flame in the Flood have announced a release date for their next game, Drake Hollow. Drake Hollow will launch on July 17 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC (Microsoft Store, Steam).

Drake Hollow, which was announced during the XO19 event last fall, is one part sim builder and one part horde survival. Players have been transported to The Hollow, a world of friendly vegetable people called Drakes, and a ravenous band of monsters who want to eat them, called Feral.

Drakes need food and water to survive, as well as entertainment. In return they’ll help construct fortification such as walls, fences, and power generators to help repel the Feral.

In addition to building defenses, players can wield a wide array of kid-friendly weapons like tennis rackets, hatchets, and bows and arrows. Each level will feature its own dynamically generated region of a different season, and encompass a square mile of explorable territory.

Despite the Xbox-only console release, Drake Hollow is self-published by The Molasses Flood. It will feature online co-op, though number of players has not yet been announced (we’re guessing four).

Drake Hollow is launching on July 17 on Xbox One and PC. It’s rated E1+ for Fantasy Violence.

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